The Nature of Life and Death

Woman in Myanmar herds her Sheep

All cultures, worldviews and belief systems, both past and present have all asked big questions life, meaning and purpose.  Three pressing questions always seem to surface in the minds of thinking individuals.

       Where did we come from?    Why are we here?    Where are we going?

Another way to put this might be,        
       How did we come to exist?   What are we expected to do with this life we have been given?  What happens to us after we die?

Whenever these themes are discussed, another question is almost always considered. What is the nature of mankind? What goes in to our make up? Of what do people consist? Are we simply beings of flesh, blood and neurons or are we, like the Greek philosophers suggested, made up of two parts, a body and a soul?

In the articles that follow in this section we shall examine some of the questions that people have had about life, the nature of our existence, and how we may possibly live beyond our last breath on this Earth!  What have the philosophers said through the ages?  What does the Bible say on the subject?  What does modern science think?  How have some near death experiences changed some peoples minds?  What about the idea of a resurrection from the dead, or a "recycling" of the soul through a process of re-incarnation as some world religions and new agers believe?

These are just some of the questions we will consider in the articles to come.