Nature of Inspiration

Bible Study

As I look back on my four years of undergraduate study at a small Bible college in Central Alberta, Canada, one kernel of wisdom always rises to the top. I can still remember being a little shocked and somewhat disturbed by the proposal of my theology professor, when I heard him present the idea for the first time. And yet, of everything that I learned over a four year period, this one principle has proven to be the most helpful in my Christian experience and in my approach to and my understanding of Scripture.  He said, "Rather than study the Bible always looking for ways to conform the text to the concepts that we already hold to be true, how much more rewarding it would be, how much more responsible it would be, to simply go to Scripture, objectively observe what happens in the text, stand back in awe and say, hmmmm ....  isn't that interesting that this kind of thing can happen under the umbrella of inspiration!"

In the articles and that follow we will discuss this proposal of “observational” method of Bible Study and discover how God is a great “cross-cultural Communicator”. Come with us as we explore the Nature of Inspiration and learn responsible methods of studying God’s Word.