"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth". Genesis 1:1

Had the author of Genesis stopped his account of the creation event there, Christianity would most likely be in a much stronger position today. The large churches of Europe may be filled with worshipers, Christian Universities would be at their capacity and dedicated missionaries would be advancing the message of a personal and loving Creator throughout the world with enthusiasm and vitality.

Unfortunately, history tells another story. With the rise of modern science and the discoveries that have been made about the world and the universe, the Genesis account of creation has fallen under attack and derision. Those who still hold the text sacred are ridiculed and called relics of a lost world of superstition and fairy tales. Students in today’s universities are presented with a choice: believe the Bible or science. Faced with such an ultimatum, most choose to accept observable, measurable realities, over the seemingly bizarre description of the cosmos given in Genesis.

In the articles that follow we will examine many of the big questions that people have about the Biblical accounts of Creation and how modern-day Christians can find resolution to the issues .