About Us

Timeless Themes is a blog site that discusses issues of Christian faith and science.  The discoveries of science over the last 300 years have brought increasing challenges to traditional interpretations of the statements of Scripture. As a result, millions of people have abandoned their faith in the Bible and along with that a belief in a Creator.  I believe this to be extremely unfortunate and unnecessary!  Most students in Western educational institutions have been presented the issues in such a way that they are given the impression that they must choose between science and faith in God. A false dichotomy has been established between what is presented as the worldview and superstitious belief system of the old world and the scientific realities of the new.  People are told they need to choose what world they are going to live in.  In reality, Nature is one of God’s most amazing textbooks that reveal amazing truths about His creative works!  When understood in their appropriate context, the Bible and Nature can be seen to be in full harmony.  Both are from the same Author! People do not need to choose between the two! It is the goal and mission of this website to present ideas that my help resolve some of the perceived tensions between these two books.  

Meet the Author


Frank Spangler

An early childhood memory of mine is about a book that my parents had in their library.  It had a photograph of a monkey that I really enjoyed looking  at.  One day my mother told me that some people believed that Jesus didn’t really make us, that we “came from monkeys”.  I was shocked!  I was only four years old but just couldn’t understand how anybody could think such a thing!  Thus began a personal journey of inquiry.  I am sure that I brought much grief to my teachers over the years as I asked difficult and challenging questions about some of the things the Bible said, especially the Genesis account of Creation and the flood.  My most favorite classes in college and then again later at the seminary, dealt with issues in Science and Creation.

And yet the ideas that we discussed in these classrooms were ultimately unsatisfying.  With each new study released, clear evidence for an old earth with teeming life challenged the belief of my seminary professors who taught that the Earth and everything in it was created recently, most likely between six and ten thousand years ago.

Over the years I have pursued this discipline with passionate dedication, not only as an attempt to arrive at a sense of a personal resolution of the questions and issues, but also as a way to provide answers to others who may also be seeking solutions.  I have not in any sense “arrived” or claim to be any kind of authority.  I have, however found many lines of thinking that have brought a sense of personal satisfaction and strengthened my faith in a Supreme Creator who desires a personal relationship with His special creation.  This website will begin with a series of articles or “blogs” that will illustrate some of these potential solutions.  I can only hope that they will offer the reader the same peace that they have brought to me.